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EAST COAST PERFORMANCE is Downeast Maine’s leading supplier of custom parts and accessories for late-model cars and trucks. Located in Ellsworth, Maine, East Coast Performance encourages online ordering. East Coast Performance also provides professional mobile wheel repair installations and mechanical work for lovers of nascar and muscle cars.


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Car Accessories: The Best Thing You Can Gift A Guy

car acce


Boys, in general, have an affliction towards the automobiles and their accessories. Though the world has evolved a lot, even today girls fall for teddy bears, and boys stay calm with chains, sprockets and gears. When little girls are happy with good grades and Barbie dolls, boys of the same age know the cars that their neighbors have and how Audi cars work. That’s how they are biologically designed, and you simply can’t find out why. This is the reason why it is a great idea to gift these insanely technical fellas with something that can has to do with automobiles. So here we are listing some of the best car accessories that can satisfy a guy any given day.

car accessories

Garage accessories:

Maintaining the car is a painless job only when you have an organised garage. So get your boys a smart garage accessories pack. A perfect pack includes parking mat, wall guard, a shelter bag, floor protectors and a hand vacuum.

Dog seat covers – For guys who are dog lovers:

Dogs always get excited when you are taking them on a ride. They play rough, get dirty and entertain you well. But the real trouble is when you are getting them back into your car. With all that dirt you cannot afford to mess your car. So get these boys dog seat covers, and their dogs will always remain loyal to you.

Radar detectors:

Whenever you ask a guy to stay in control when he drives, it just falls on deaf ears. Racing fast is just their weird addiction. So instead of painfully bailing them out every time, spend a little and get them the radar detectors so that they drive more cautiously.

GoLink iPod Cable:

Boys are just going to love it. Having a Golink iPod cable attached to your apple device when you drive is like having an automobile expert right next to you. Yeah, we realise that the idea of cables can annoy them, so this accessory is now enabled with blue tooth. This simply studies your engine and makes sure that it is healthy enough for a drive.

Ram Drink Cup Mount:

It is always an irritable fact that the drivers find it hard to have a drink in peace, even when you drive on a smooth road. A quick break can totally destroy the fun of travelling. However with Ram Drink Cup Mount drinking and driving at the same time is not a trouble anymore. It holds the container with any liquid in the right position and is easy to access.

CG Lock:

You will find it so amazing that how a small addition can make things work better. Buy your guys at home a CG lock. A CG lock is an add-on to the seat belt, which keeps the inmates of the car in the same position preventing them from the sudden jolt and all the panic that follows it. It also enhances the safety of the kids.

Next time you get a guy a gift, you need not have to blink because now you have quite a list i=of interesting things that boys will simply adore.

Top 5 Must Have Truck Accessories, Now Available On Amazon

Truck Accessories


Driving is always something that you can adore only if you have the right accessories installed in your truck. Installing these trucks not only makes your journey a happy one but also ensures that you are safe all the way you travel. So spare a little time and know what these accessories are and how they work. Unlike the earlier days where you will have to explore the whole market to get all that you want, today almost all of the essential accessories are available online.


We are making things pretty much easier for you. These essential accessories that we have listed here are available on the Amazon website, and you can buy them anytime you want to.

Rain Guards:

You can enjoy the goodness of the downpour only as long as it doesn’t disturb your travel. So to have a pleasurable experience in the rain or shine gift you car these rain guards and have a great travel. By installing these custom set window vents, you can prevent yourself from the all invasive wind.

Cargo brackets:

When you are planning on a long travel the first hitch is that you cannot dump a lot of stuff inside. When all you need is a safe place to transport them, cargo brackets have your back. You can stuff in as much as things you want to and have them safely tied up to the roof of your cars. They are available on Amazon for $14.

Skid Plate:

The chances of getting the bottom of your car hit when it comes in contact with the surface is very high when you are driving on uneven roads. To save the car from major damages and to prevent the friction from having a major impact, attach a skid plate to its bottom. It saves your day and protects your car as well.

Connected Car:

Have you ever come across the term a “Connected Car”? If no, we will tell you what it is. You can call your truck a connected car when you own an adapter that connects your car to the smartphone app system. Once they strike a link, your smart phone simply lets you listen to music, tells how your car works and tips on how to drive better. What more can you ask for when is great and is available on Amazon.

OBDII scan tool:

The term OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics. OBD is the vehicles ability to analyse and report issues that have occurred within the system. This scan tool employs heavy mechanics that are way too professional. It can also you get reports on a real-time basis, if the problems are quite severe and demand your immediate attention.


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